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31st August 1945
31st August 1945
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Page 1, 31st August 1945

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Cutting "Excess" Haulage Capacity

O NE matter of considerable moment to the haulage industry has reached a stage when it may be deemed crucial. We refer to the...

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Unity of Purpose More , Important Than Ever n N many occasions

we have referred to the O of all operators of commercial vehicles linking up with their respective representative bodies. We...

Passing Comments

Road Transport A REVISED - edition of the Caterers Accused of 1-1 . catering and accommoda Negligence . . tion directory...

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One Hears

'' Will the new Minister minister to our needs/ An unusual report from a reader of "a really level level crossing." Still (and...

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News of the Week

IMPORTANT INSTITUTION FUSION CONTEMPLATED ' hilANY members of the Institution of 1V1 Automobile Engineers have been puzzled at...

Plea to Remove Some Coaching Difficulties F URTHER representations to the

Minister of War Transport on the subject of private party work, excursions, and tours have been made by the Passenger Vehicle...

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Personal Pars

MR. DAVID S. SHIELT, manager of the Newcastle-on-Tyne branch of Rossleigh, Ltd., is to retire at the end of September after 55...

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First Test Report of Dennis Pa -tonner

i/ N our issue dated August 17 we gave a complete technical description of the new Dennis Pax 5-tormer, and we are now able to...

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UERIES SHOULD HAULIERS REPAIR THEIR OWN VEHICLES? nO I detect a sign of " stalling " on the part of Mr. 1 - 1 E. B. Howes, as...

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O VER a number of years the range of oil-en,gined goods Ivehicles marketed by Fodens, Ltd., Sandbach, Cheshire: has achieved...

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B.R.F. Recommendations on Parking

A MEMORANDUM dealing With parking facilities in towns has been prepared by the British Road Federation for the information of...

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A Card System to Control Maintenance

T HE interest in this miscellaneous series of articles on cost recording and systems of maintenance is growing. Readers are now...

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schedules carefully to see how they line ,up with their own ideas. As is stated in the peace in Captain Walton's book on the...

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Solving the Aquatic Equation

WITH Europe freed, and the last W river barriers crossed, more can be revealed of the development of waterproofing for army...

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Mechanicalcum-Hydraulic Brake Mechanism

rmech anical operation in the event enable the rear brakes to retain of an hydraulic failure, is the main object of an...