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About the Archive

Here are the most commonly asked questions about the Commercial Motor Archive:

  • How was the archive built?

    Over a six-month period we scanned every page of Commercial Motor right back to 1905, nearly 400,000 pages of the magazine. We then ran an automatic text recognition process to 'suck' out the text and present that to the reader. This mammoth undertaking has resulted in more than a million web pages!

  • Is the archive complete?

    The archive is now around 99% complete. A small number of issues were missing from our bound volumes so we haven't been able to include them in this digital archive yet - check the main site for a list of the issues we are still tracking down. If you have any of these missing issues please get in touch - we will credit you for your help and there may be a prize or two on offer.

  • Is the archive up to date?

    Each new issue of Commercial Motor appears in the archive approximately three months after publication.

  • What does 'beta version' mean?

    'Beta' is just a way of recognising that the archive isn't perfect at the moment and there are a few glitches to be ironed out.

  • I've found an error - what do I do?

    Every article page has a 'Noticed an error?' button you can use to report a problem. Please don’t expect an immediate change to the error - we gather all the reports together and prioritise them, fixing the most pressing errors first.

  • Is the archive free?

    If you are a Commercial Motor magazine subscriber, you will always have free, unlimited access to the archive (although you may be prompted to enter your subscriber number).

    If you are not a magazine subscriber, you can currently take advantage of our free trial to explore the archive. When the trial ends, you will only be able to view a limited number of pages for free.

  • Can you help me find an article?

    Unfortunately due to the volume of requests we can't help with specific search requirements. However if you are unable to find a particular article through searching the archive you may wish to try browsing by year and issue.

  • How do I leave a comment?

    You can comment on any article using the box of the bottom of the page. In order to comment you will need to provide your email address or sign in with a service such as Twitter or Facebook. We may remove inappropriate comments.

    Please don't use the comments box to report errors with the archive - they will be fixed much more quickly if you use the 'Noticed an error?' button.

  • Can you send me a PDF of a particular page?

    We are able to provide PDFs although there will be a charge for this service. Please email any requests to

  • Is an archive available for Motor Transport?

    Currently only Commercial Motor is available as a digital archive. However in time we hope to build an archive of our other titles including Motor Transport and Truck & Driver, so watch this space.