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30th March 1911
30th March 1911
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Page 1, 30th March 1911

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Our New Campaign.

This journal, since the date of its establishment in March, 1905, has pursued a constructive policy. It has led in all "...

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One Hears— Much to which one is indifferent.

Real confidences often, and respects them always. That the Horse-van Parade on Easter Monday threatens to be rather a sad...

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Oil Tractors for Wool Transport.

The photographs which are reproduced on this page were taken during the preliminary trials, over veryrough ground, of a...

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Petter' s Latest Oil Tractor.

In our issue of the 19th January, we illustrated one of the Petter latest-type oil tractors engaged in ploughing operations....

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From Our Australian Correspondent.

Motorbuses Wanted—Noisy Trams—Motor Refrigerator Vans. About two or three weeks ago, I was approached by the Government with...

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The coming Coronation time will witness a very-large increase in

the number of horse-drawn pirate buses in London, and many super. seded vehicles and horses the worse for wear will again "ply...

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News and Continent.

This journal is the only recognized authority ; it is exclusively read by the heads of many wealthy commercial houses. It has...

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Two New Gearboxes.

In our report of the North of England Show, in the paragraph dealing with the Dennis exhibits, we stated that the Dennis Co. is...

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When Mr. Ken Willmott invited me to the smoking concert

to be given by McNamara and Co., Ltd., I most-readily complied because I know how thoroughly the McNarnaras do things, be it in...

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Fire-Brigade Matters.

Glasgow is about to take delivery of additional fire-engines, from the Dennis and Halley works. Its self-propelled fleet will...

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Motorcab Topics

Geo. Polkey, Ltd., has introduced a new taximeter lighting and signalling system. A new type of Coventry-Humber chassis has...

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Opinions from Others.

The Editor invites correspondence on all subjects connected with the use of commercial motors. Letters should be on ene side...

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Answers to Queries.

Our readers will be informed by the Editor on any points connected with the construction or use of commercial motors. Where a...

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Contributions from Drivers and Mechanics.

TEN SHILLINGS WEEKLY for the Best Communication Received, and One Penny a Line of ten words for any thing else published....

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The Supply Department.

Selected Information which is likely to be of Interest to Makers, Owners, and their Buyers. We have received particulars from...

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Patents Completed.

TRACTORS.—Crompton.---No. 7,489, dated 26th March, 1910.—This invention relates to road locomotives or to tractors, and has for...