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14th November 1912
14th November 1912
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Page 1, 14th November 1912

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After the War.

A correspondent, who has recently toured through parts of the Balkan States and Turkey, contributes an interesting letter to...

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"The Motor' s" Napier Delivery Van.

Without exception, the busiest time of the year for our sister journal The Motor " is the week immediately preceding the Motor...

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The New Jackson Parcelcar.

On Stand No. i at the Olympia Motor Snow yiili be found a new design of three-wheel chassis made by it. _Reynold Jackson and...

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A Day' s Work with a Brewer' s Sentinel.

Including a Preliminary Account of the Financial Side of the Question. Good Road - haulage Profits on Replaced Railway Rates....

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The New Wolseley 25-cwt. Van.

First Published Reproductions of Photographs and Drawings. Obviously a sign of thorough confidence in the present-day, as well...

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Passenger-Vehicle Topics.

The total number of licensed motorbuses plying for hire on the London streets on the 1st day of November was 2296. Sheffield...

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One Hears— A bumpy road described as shocking.

That Daimler repeat orders have already begun. That a low-built chassis is ill-fitted to standardheight loading bays. Of 400...

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News and Comment.

This journal is extensively read by the heads of many wealthy commercial houses. This issue opens our fifth century. The...

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A Motor Road Sweeper in Glasgow.

In view of the increasing use now being made of commercial motors for all purposes by municipalities, it is interesting to note...

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Out and Hotne.--By " The Extractor."

He of the Diseased Clutch, In addition to being a most popular person, he is an excellent driver, and he explained to me...

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After the War is Over.

To the Editor, THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR. [1108] Sir,--Having recently travelled across Europe to Constantinople by motorcycle, it...

The Carlton All-fuel Carburetter.

Claiming that his latest development in regard to valve-controlled carburetters enables petrol, benzol or paraffin to be used...

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Answers to Queries.

Our readers will be informed by the Editor on any Pain's connected with the construction or use of commercial motors. Where a...

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Ways to Save Renewals.

A Few Observations by a Man Who Has Had a Long Experience in a Van and Wagon Repair Shop. It is the duty of every driver or...

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The Purchase Department.

Where to Buy your Supplies. Notices of Useful Specialities from the Factory and in the Showroom, An Inquiry for "Glide...

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1 From Drivers and Mechanics.

munication received, and one penny a line of ten words TEN SHILLINGS WEEKLY is paid for the best comfor anything else...

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Patents Completed.

The Crompton Road Maker. R. E. 11. Crompton and N. G. Crompton, No 21,999, dated 5th October, 1911.—This specification...