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Passenger-Vehicle Topics.

14th November 1912
Page 12
Page 12, 14th November 1912 — Passenger-Vehicle Topics.
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The total number of licensed motorbuses plying for hire on the London streets on the 1st day of November was 2296.

Sheffield Town Council has accepted the tender of the Daimler Co., Ltd., Coventry, for the manufacture supply and delivery of four 40 h.p. complete motorbuses, with seating capacity for 34 passengers each, at 1:890 per vehicle.

Subscribing ior an Ambulance.

Ra.wtenstall Town Council has been indulging in a well-sustained debate on the subject of amotor ambulance for the borough. Subscriptions now amount to approximately 2400, whilst it is proposed to spend E500 on the vehicle,

A Select Committee on Motorbus Traffic.

The Home Secretary has announced the imminent appointment of a select committee to inquire into the whole question of motorbus traffic in London, and it is understood that the terms of reference will include the -matter of investigations into all classes of street accidents in the Metropolis. ln Londonderry County.

Londonderry Rural Council, of which Mr. W. G. Webb is chairman, is favourably impressed with the motorbus service (Lacre) between Derry city, Claudy, Feeny and Park, a total distance of 24 miles.

The Latest N.E R. Vehicles.

The photographs reproduced above illustrate one of the new North-Eastern Railway chars-kha nes. The chassis are Leylands of .10 h.p. The torpedo bodies fitted to the vehicles were made in the N.E.R. shops, which we fully described and illustrated in our issue of 27th June and those for the two following weeks.

An L.G.O.C. Concert.

The Athletic Club of the L.G.O.C., Turnham Green Garage, held its first smoking concert at the Bush Hotel, Shepherd's Bush, on the 9th inst. Mr. W. I. Johnston was in the chair, and he was supported by Mr. S. F. Eden. Opportunity was taken during the evening to present Mr. P. G. Shepard with a gold ring in appreciation of help given to the athletic club.

A resolution was passed by the members of Auto-Taxicabs, Ltd., at an extraordinary general meeting held at 3, Great Winchester Street, E.C., recently, that the company be wound up voluntarily. The liquidator appointed is Mr. A. E. Lees, of 2, Livingstone Road, Palmers Green, N.

The Loudon Motor Cab Proprietors Association is still meeting representatives of the Cabdrivers' Union on the question of the threatened advance in the price of petrol. The meetings take place at the offices of Messrs. Du Cros, in Regent Street, and are of a private nature: There are rumours, however, that the proprietors will ask for drastic alterations in the present conditions, if the increase in the price of petrol is not practically borne by the drivers.

Novel Char.-a-bancs Body.

The photograph reproduced on page 238 shows a. special composite vehicle which has been built by the Bristol Tramways and Carriage Co., Ltd. It is not intended to use this machine on city routes, where there is a constant taking up and setting down of passengers. We understand, however, that during the past few months the vehicle has been in great demand by private touring parties. The roomy enclosed portion seats 14 passengers. An average of 7000 passengers has been carried weekly during the past season.

In Case of Bneakdown.

The Leeds stipendiary magistrate, on the 4th inst., was puzzled to settle a case in which a driver had left his taxicab unattended. A driver ix, of course, entitled to leave his vehicle unattended, provided he take precautions to avoid obstruction of the highway and to prevent the ear from being started.

The dilemma to which we refer concerned the question of the right of a constable or other party, while not in possession of a driving licence, to drive an unattended or abandoned ear should the necessity arise. No decision was announced.

We should say that the commonsense way of thinking is to clear the highway at all costs. For example, the London police never prosecute a bus driver because he has taken a broken-down vehicle in tow, in spite of the fact that the joint weight of the power vehicle and the trailed vehicle exceeds the legal combined limit of 61 tons.

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