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16th February 1989, Page 8
16th February 1989
Page 8
Page 8, 16th February 1989

Beleaguered Ban

• The London lorry ban faces a massive shake-up this week following a High Court decision to uphold a haulier's appeal against conviction under the controversial ban. The court......

Ro-ro Weighing Loophole

• The new law requiring all CVs leaving the country by RO-RO passenger ship to be weighed only applies to ferries registered in the UK. New laws are expected soon to cover......

100 Mps Fight The Fly-tippers

• Almost 100 MPs of all parties are supporting an anti-flytipping motion tabled by Labour's new junior transport spokesperson Joan Ruddock. They want the Government to support......

• More Than 3,000 Petrol Stations Now Stock Unleaded Fuel.

The Petroleum Industry Association estimates that if the Chancellor Nigel Lawson increases the tax differential in favour of unleaded fuel by 4p more than half of all stations......

Government 'no' To Tax Disc Switch

• The Government has rejected an appeal to replace vehicle excise duty discs with a crime-busting alternative. In reply to Bob McTaggart MP, who proposed the introduction of a......