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25th February 1915
25th February 1915
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Page 1, 25th February 1915

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Recognized in Business and Military Circles as the Leading Journal. The Authority on all forms of Motor Transport. Largest...

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One Hears— That a Green sweep is a clean sweep.

"Give us socks" for the A.S.C., M.T. That not all the pirates are bus drivers. Of a Mark A subsidy model for the Navy when...

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Our £5000 "Campaign Comforts" Fund.

£1410 More Received to Saturday Last than there then Remained to be Obtained. List of Individual Donors of One Per Cent. now...

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The Latest Field Workshop.

This Model Embodies Design and Equipment which are Based on War Experience. Of the goad resulting from this war a considerable...

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The Wheels of Industry.

This journal, dealing as it does with the "Chariots of War," no less than with the "Wheels of Industry," continues of national...

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Bridge Law.

We regret to have to record that. the House of Lords, on Friday last, reversed the decision of the Court of Appeal in the...

A Dummy Halley.

Mile of the most remarkable Halleys, which it has been our good fortune to illustrate in this journal, is that shown in one of...

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New Carriers Cars. Out and Home.— Unwanted Taxidrivers.--•By "T he he Extractor."

Some months ago a new • club was formed in London which was to be essentially a business club, and excellent facilities were to...

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Our Despatches from the Front.

Coachwork Built of Wood Bought in Exchange for Cigarettes. "Come to the Amm. Park for Oil." Garages in Side Roads. MN Ind....

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25t h Fehttlary, 1915. -THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR4E44

THE WORKING OF AN M.T. AMM. PARK. By the Driver of a Signal Lorry. Here's to the A.S.C. THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR, itt its...

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A Substitute for Air.

Government Recognition of the Value of Pneumatic-Tire Fillings. One of the maintenance incidents encountered by the user of...

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The use of malleable castings has increased proportionately as the motor-vehicle industry has developed. This process, with its...

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Answers to Queries.

10d. Per Mile Run for a Three-tonner. [2262] (Competitive).—We advise you to let the other man have the continuation of the...

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The Purchase Department.

Where to Buy your Supplies. You Can Get It At " Makers" (Lonsdale).—We think you can get the illuminated signs you mention...

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Eom Drivers &Mechanics

TEN SHILLINGS WEEKLY is paid for the best communication received, and one penny a line of ten words for anything else...

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Patents Completed.

Albion Chain Flexible Coupling. Challiner Solid Tires. Improved Magneto Construction. Irreversible Steering Gear. Copies of...