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24th November 1944
24th November 1944
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Page 1, 24th November 1944

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All "Commercial" Limit of 30 m.p.h.

W E make no excuse for re-introducing a sub ject which will exercise a considerable influence upon road transport after the war...

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Passing Comments

P OINTS brought forward by 1 a bus driver in connectiOn with the skfety campaign which is being organized in the Police...

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One Hears

Of a private " public " veto on talk about V.2. That a one-lorry U.D.C. cannot give satisfactory service to its ratepayers....

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News of the Week

NO CONCESSION ON BUS WIDTH T HE response by the Minister of War Transport to the request from many bodies for an increase in...

Personal Pars

MR. DAVID SAUNDERS, co-director of A. Saunders and Son (Harpeuden), Ltd., is recovering from an operation. -- COUNCILLOR A. T....

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Suggested Reform of Licensing Procedure

A POST-WAR plan for road-haulage Pt licensing reform was put forward by Mr. J. F. Archbold, of Leeds, at a recent meeting of...

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A Model Repair Organization Dennis Veterans Still Going Strong

A S was stated in our leader, " Who Is To Do Repairs? " which appeared in our issue dated September 22 last, there are some...

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A Review of the Howes Booklet T HE title of a

remarkable booklet written by Mr. E. B. Howes is " A Commonsense Plan for Road Transport." It is remarkable because of its...

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Why Not Become a Commercial-vehicle Salesman?

The High Lights of a Paper Read Before Members of the Birmingham Branch of the 1.M. T. I N a paper entitled " Post-war Sales...

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Why Run aulage Has Its Own Problems

H AULAGE in rural areas has problems of its own. They differ from those of the townsman both as regards conditions and, as...

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Two-stage Hydraulic Master Cylinder

Simplicity of design and ease of manufacture are out standing features of this two-stage master cylinder A TWO-STAGE master...

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ARE MANY " SCRAP " TYRES SERVICEABLE? THE letter from Lt.-Comdr. M. Grahame-White, pub lished in ." The Commercial Motor " on...

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Machining Makes Headlines

New Tool Forms have been Evolved to Cope with Demands of Higher Cutting Speeds. Novel MeiLds have been Devised for Reclaiming...

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Safeguarding Exports to the Tropics

War-time Needs Point the Way to Post war Improvements in Service to Customers Abroad A LTHOUGH for many years prior rt, to the...

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An Hydraulically Operated Gearbox

A GEARBOX in which the ratio is selected by hydraulic means is shown in patent No. 564,317 by G. .B. (Nottingham), Ltd., 23,...