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14th January 1944
14th January 1944
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Page 1, 14th January 1944

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More Opinions on Post-war Design

R 0 M Mr. James Great Value of F Courtney, M.I . A. E. , chief engineer of the "Northern Ireland Road TransThat He port Board,...

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Passing Comments

Key Men and Materials THE chairman of Singer . Needed Early for Motors, Ltd., Lord Latham, • Reconstruction . . speaking at...

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One Hears

That many works could do with a Brush. That woman power, plus horse power, can equal man power. . That loading bricks is a...

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News of the Week

M.O.W.T. HIRE RATE MODIFICATIONS W E understand that important modifications are to be made in 'the rates paid to hired...

Personal Pars

MR. E. G. THOMAS, maintenance engineer, has been appointed deputy bus superintendent to Merthyr Corporation. MR. R. E. THOMAS,...

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Government Haulage Scheme Causes Excessive Rates Increases ?

r R1T1C1SII that the Government's Haulage Scheme is contributing to what he termed excessive increases in road haulage rates...

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Look Your Tyres in the Face

(Part 5) By E. G. Cowap S INCE our resources of natural rubber have been greatly reduced as the result of the occupation of...

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No Meddling With the Industry

Suggestion for Safeguarding the Existence of Small Operators of Road Haulage by Their Formation into Small Groups for...

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Difficulty of Standardizing Vehicle Types

A Plea for Better Load Distribution and Proper Tyre Equipment on the Short-wheelbase Tipper Used for Sand and Gravel Haulage...

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I WAS interested to read Mr. J. Pickles' article, entitled " Can the Operator Help the Designer? ", in your issue dated October...

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The Seymour Anti-dazzle Mask

Features of a New Headlamp Fitting and Results of a Test Conducted With It AARKETED by Seymour Products IVI(Asliton), Ltd.....

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Ousting the Small Haulier

A Trenchant Criticism of the Basis for Road-transport Planning Put Forward by Men Well Known in the Industry By " Tantalus "...

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A LAMENT ON THE. FUTURE OF HAULAGE T HE well-timed and democratic articles which you have been publishing during the past year...

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Solving the Problems of the Carrier

Why Sand and Ballast Rates Vary Local Conditions, Many Rather Than Few, Influence Rates and Make It Almost Impossible to Apply...

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Coupling for Damping Torsional Vibration

A Resum: of Patent Specifications That Have Recently Been Published A TORSIONAL vibration damper that can deal with a 'wide...