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24th October 2002, Page 20
24th October 2002
Page 20
Page 20, 24th October 2002

Setting The Record Straight

We are writing about Mr DJ Holdswortifs recent conviction at the Birmingham Magistrates Court (CM26 Sept-2 Oct). We, assisted by Counsel, represented our client in relation to......

Who Are You Helping?

I felt compelled to write and congratulate you on a very interesting article on the availability of unlocking kit for vehicles and fuel caps (CM 26 Sept-3 Oct). In these days of......

Super Superstructures

Readers should be aware that in the Vehicle News article on Knights Semis (CM19-25 September, p26), the Krone trailers supplied were fitted with a complete Krone Euroliner......

Give Us Credr1:

With reference to the article on smart cards, (CM 3-9 October), I am surprised to read that the spokesman for Securicor Omega thinks people are going to break the law because......

Long Road To Vary Licence

I really like your "People Buy, Trucks Supply" campaign, so much so that I decided to piaci the poster on our local village notice board. How long was it displayed there?......