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19th September 1981, Page 22
19th September 1981
Page 22
Page 22, 19th September 1981

3cania Helps Volvo )ut Of A Hole

HE PROPOSED merger )etween Volvo and Scania in 3weden was not the only thing :hat fell through. The same fate )efell a Volvo F1017 tractor with :hree-axled tilt semi-trailer......

It Could Be Fun To Queue For A Bus

THE Greater London Council's legalising of busking in London Underground station corridors is intended to open the doors to entertainment in the streets. Why, after all, should......

Now For Frauds Per 100km

THE IMMINENCE of the dreaded litre as the measure of petrol and dery recalls the wholesale swindles practised on the consumer when Britain adopted that beastly foreign decimal......

Scottish Rally For Disabled Drivers

THREE lorries and 30 cars, all current models, will take part in a rally for disabled drivers from Edinburgh to Glasgow on November 8. It is being organised by the Scottish......

Car Drivers Are Worst Offenders

THE 70mph speed limit means nothing to many car drivers going north between junctions 10 (Luton Hoo) and 13 (Woburn Sands) on Ml. According to a survey on this 11 3 /4-mile......