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11th October 2001, Page 7
11th October 2001
Page 7
Page 7, 11th October 2001

Imitive Fines Raise Le Risk Of Illegal Guy By Terrorists

Jnitive fines for drivers hauliers who unwittingly in stowaways could be axing the risk of terror following the attacks on United States on 11 ember. CM has previously led, the......

• A Spanish Driver Found Himself Saddled With A £10,000

fine after taking what he thought was the right action to deal with a group of stowaways in his trailer. Ignacio Aldanondo Goni was left furring after turning five immigrants......

Man Splits Erf Into Two

arts.., and drops [CL • by Toby Clark ERF is to be split into separate manufacturing and marketing divisions, with marketing coming under the control of MAN's UK operation.......

I Eu Leaders Plan To Thrash Iut A Compromise Deal

on the Vorking Time Directive for 'rivers within the next two nonths so that it can come it° force by 2005 at the atest. The European Parliament :lashed with the European......

• The Road Haulage Association Has Opened Fire On The

government amid claims that livestock hauliers have been ignored in their moment of need. RIM chief executive Roger King says that if ministers decide to support the airlines in......