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24th March 1944
24th March 1944
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Page 1, 24th March 1944

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' Thoughts on Post-war Transport S OME people have been inclined to

criticize any measures whidh are being taken now to plan for the postwar years. However, their objections are gradually waning....

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U.S.S.R. Planning Its Future Transport

B RITAIN is not the only country which is engaged in planning. Recently some most interesting extracts from an article in the...

Passing Comments

Britain and Germany1 JERE in Britain the Minister are Advertising for 1 I of Labour is calling for Drivers . more drivers of...

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One Hears—

That liquid loads are sometime S staggering. That many clap "Hands" when transporting heavy loads. That one of our new "...

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News of the Week Road Transport's Vital Part in Meat Delivery

L itTLE has been heard lately of the Le work of the meat• road-transport fleet, perhaps, for the reason that its deliveries to...

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M.O.W. Brick Haulage Rates Uneconomic?

A SPECIAL reason for Yorkshire interest in the publication in " The Commercial Motor dated March 17, of details concerning the...

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Municipality Adds More Karriers to Its Trolleybus Fleet

U P to the outbreak of the present war the trolleybus was making extensive strides at the expense of the tram. Progressive...

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The Wise Men From the East

O N page 79 of • " The Commercial _Motor." dated March 3, appeared an announcement en titled " Eastern Area ARC), and Post-war...

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M.P.s Resent Commissioner's Action

I T was stated by Mr. Keeling, in the House of Commons last week that, after a Bench of magistrates had imposed a nominal...

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Do You Know the ling of Ton-miles?

M Y young haulier friend to whom, some time ago. I gave assistance in setting up a costing system, is in trouble again. He came...

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British Army ng Large Mobile Wireless Stations

C OMMUNICATIONS are to the Army what the nerves are to the body, and, so far as the former is concerned, wireless must...

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Road Transport Engineers Welcome Projected Institute

E VERY day we receive letters of congratulation and approval concerning the proposed Institute of Road Transport Engineers,...

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India •to the Fore with Producer Gas

I T might be thought that far-off India lagged behind Western progress in the matter of producer-gasdriven commercial vehicles....

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Should There Be an " Opposition" ?

T HERE is ample evidence tna. interest in and support of the Hauliers' Mutual Federation and the various Committees of Action...

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Big Dairy Business Developed Around Road Transport

A WAY back in 1900 Mr. F. L. Dobson Berwick Road, Levenshulme, near Manchester, was delivering 18 gallons of milk per day by...

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Keeping Works Busy Up to Their Capacity

O NE of the most useful branches of the Ministry of Production is formed by what is termed "The Capacity Organization," with...