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9th October 1982, Page 16
9th October 1982
Page 16
Page 16, 9th October 1982

Two Bodies On Same Channel

ALTHOUGH Dodge and Renault, which have joined forces as Karrier Motors, preserve their separate identities, their drivers' clubs share Drivers Express, one of the brightest......

Fact And Fiction Seen In Glass

WHO would believe that a Mercedes-Benz L1638 lorry weighing nearly nine tons could stand on four beer glasses without breaking them? The trick was done on German television,......

Nothing Like The Real Thing

NEED BL Technology spend £5 million on expanding its research and development organisation? Is a rig to slam a door at least 100,000 times to test the locks necessary? My......

For The Vermin In Ermine

OH HAPPY DAY! I have had a letter from (noise it not abroad) Marsham Street, signed illegibly by "One of Your Department Transport Admirers." It assurt that I am ambidextrous,......

Search And Rescue Fc Transport Relics

WHAT BRIDGES the gap between a flying boat and a steam roller? Answer: The Transport Trust. It has rescued among other notable relics, Southern Cross, the last operational......