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9th October 1913, Page 16
9th October 1913
Page 16
Page 16, 9th October 1913

Opinions From Others—con.

load is evenly distributed on the chassis. The total weight of this body is 1300 lb., which-, when one takes into consideration the rough usage -acciuing to coal transport, is......

Where Shall I Deal The Editor, The Commercial Motor.

[1247] Sir,—I hope this question will not be allowed to drop. It might have been true, years ago, that local agents took very little interest in commercial vehicles, .and that,......

The Mirror Problem.

The Editor, THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR. [1248] Sir,—As a matter of general interest to users of commercial vehicles, arid of warning to their drivers, I have pleasure in enclosing to......

Waring And Gillow, Ltd., Oxford Street, W.

Dear Sirs,—In the interests of the motoring public, I wish to bring before your notioe the following matter. I was driving to-day to Eastbourne about one o'clock, when, about......


Sir,—I am in receipt of your letter, for which I beg to thank you, and also to apologise for the inconvenience occasioned. I may, however, point out that the vibration of a......