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23rd January 1970, Page 59
23rd January 1970
Page 59
Page 59, 23rd January 1970

We Propose To Affix A Lincoln 300amp Diesel Welder Unit

within a Morris L05 30cwt van, having an unladen weight of 1 ton 13cwt (i.e., excluding the welder). This vehicle is to be used for site repairs of our plant and equipment. Will......

/ Am At Present Selling Commercial Vehicles And Thinking Of

changing over to transport management but believe I will need a transport manager's licence. Can I apply for one now or must I first sit an examination? A At the moment, the......

Ci One Of The Essential Requirements Of

the operators' licensing system is that the applicant must show that he has adequate maintenance facilities or has made adequate arrangements with a service garage. In the case......

Ct It Is Said That A Diesel Engine Produces Less Carbon

monoxide when it is overfuelled compared with a petrol engine that is running on a rich mixture. I fail to understand how this can be. Given that there is sufficient oxygen in......