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1st May 1982, Page 62
1st May 1982
Page 62
Page 62, 1st May 1982

Facing Fearful Odds In Old Virginia

BRITISH hauliers bemoaning the Budget should thank their lucky stars that they are not Liniel G. Gregory, Jr, a Virginia operator. They are not, as is he, threatened by "the......

An Old Dog Learns New Tricks

HAVING no gambling urge, would not stake my shirt on the Electric Terrier to catch the diesel-engined 71/2-tonne hare. Nevertheless, the calculated undersell of the prototype......

A Man Who Got His Skates On

ROGER WILLIAMS, a young man who certainly put on his metaphorical skates when he founded and developed the vehicle hire business of Willhire, has now gone literally into......

Spin A Coin For A Tunnel

DID Sir Alec Cairncross, the Government's official adviser, toss a coin before reporting that the economic prospects of a charnel tunnel were becoming unattractive to investors?......

Model Foden Not Quite Antique

THE incredibly detailed knowledge of their subjects exhibited by the experts in the BBC television Antiques Roadshow series is matched only by their enthusiasm for thE objects......