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16th November 1985, Page 24
16th November 1985
Page 24
Page 24, 16th November 1985

Dear Sir

30-YEAR THROWBACK REGARDING the article (CM, October 26) "Important: Buy UK - , I must say that I would like, as a patriotic (I hope) Englishman, to support Robin Wooicock. But......

Conference Report Refuted

THIS is the first time in a long association with the media that I have written to protest about the reporting of one of my speeches (Commercial Motor, November 9 — report on......

Power Games

THE ARTICLE "Struggle for World Power (CM, October 5) made interesting reading on a subject where such comment is long overdue. However, I think one fundamental point has to he......

South York's First Step

NOEL MILLIER'S article headed "Cumulo nimble bus" (CM, October 5) , refers to the Volvo City Bus, being used by London Regional Transport, as having a main chassis frame......

Thin Argument

THE REFERENCE to highly flammable adhesives in the article entitled "Coach crash prompts speed limit threat" (CM, October 26) has been drawn to my attention. The comment on......