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14th January 1984, Page 24
14th January 1984
Page 24
Page 24, 14th January 1984

Quotas — A German View

OUR LIFE would be boring if we all would have the same meaning about the actual problems, Thus I am glad to discuss with you about one theme which you talked about in your......

Some Cutting Textual Criticism

CONGRATULATIONS on a firstrate magazine with one exception! It was heartening to read the letter of Adrian Hall (Dear Sir, December 10), and I feel I must support his request......

Tougher Action On Recalls

ANY WELL-RUN outfit keeps its vehicles regularly serviced and roadworthy. Unless short of work this is a necessity in order to avoid downtime. It is also a matter of essential......

Tail Lights And Aggressive Drivers

IF I MIGHT add to the comments by Mr Eastman on the subject of high-intensity rear lights, which are proving to be yet another excuse for putting more glare into motoring.......

Diesel At Nearly £2 Per Gallon

YOU MUST be joking? Sand bach Services (M6 south bound) 197.8p for a gallon of diesel (CM, December 17.) It's only 168.5p at Keele and that's where my custom is going in future.......