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12th August 1993, Page 20
12th August 1993
Page 20
Page 20, 12th August 1993

Tractor Makes Its Mark

M ot no cart? This driver for Bristol operator Bayliss appears to have left home without that all important trailer. What's more he seems to have strayed off the beaten track a......

Heading Them Off At The Pass

remier Hazard Systems of Leeds has clearly had second thoughts about whether a news release sent to CMwas snappy enough. The company writes: "We trust you recieved our letter of......

Waging War On Pot-holes

123 K campaigners for better roads tend to do fairly genteel things such as writing letters to the Department of Transport or bending the ears of publications like CM in the......

Up In The Air

aymond Selkirk of the Northern Archaeology Group sent the Hawk a picture of this apparently levitating armoured car, used so successfully during the war to simply puzzle the......

What's Tickling The Anti-terrorists?

otential terrorists heading into London's "square mile" are bound to be put off by this chortling duo keeping guard of a line of anti-terrorist road blocks. I don't know who the......