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26th August 1915
26th August 1915
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Page 1, 26th August 1915

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The Close of the Volume.

This issue, .No. 546, completes the 2ist volume of TILE COMMERCIAL MOTOR, and. marks the close of 10i years of uninterrupted...

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A Year Ago.

[Extracts from this Journal of the 27th August, 1914.] " Payment for Commandeered Vehicles." " It is with the utmost...

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One Hears

The following Rumours, of which the Press Bureau has no Confirmation, but to the Publication of which, we imagine, it will take...

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Tramcar Troubles, Immediate and Prospective.

By The Editor. It might, not be thought-, without more than superficial examination, that high prices for certain metals were...

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American Load Ratings.

The Editor, TILE COMMERCIAL MOTOR. [1451] Sir,—I have delayed comment upon the letter from Messrs. Whiting (1915), Ltd., in...

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The American Invasion (No. VII).

A Reply to Mr. Younger's Article from Dennis Bros., 1915, Ltd. Despite his claim to be in touch with the latest British and...

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Our Despatches from the Front (No. 50).

With the M.T. in Turkey. Paris G.O.C. Gets £895,000 Compensation; It Now Employs 600 Women. 100 Trees per Kilometre. These...

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The Wheels of Industry.

This journal, dealing as it does with the "Chariots of War," no less than with the "Wheels of Industry," continues of national...

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The Knox Four-wheel Tractor.

A Machine which, Although It Can Carry No Load Itself, is Capable of Pulling Up To 40 Tons. It has Hydraulic Brake Gear. In...

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A Coal Consumption Test.

A Comparative Test Between a Rubber-tired and a Steel-tired 5-ton Tractor. A coal consumption test does not at first sight...

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Few improvements have taken place of late years in universal joints, and these have been rather in the nature of . improved...

Trailer Brakes. Must the Brakesman "Stand By" Them All the Time Vehicle Is Under Way?

Before Alderman Sir Thos. Crosby, at the Guildhall (South Court), Henry Theobald was summoned for driving a hea,ey steam motor...

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Answers to Queries.

Wants to Join the C.M.U.A. [2719] (Cheshire).—We have requested the C.M.U.A. to send a form of application direct to you. The...

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Fthin Drivers &Mechanics TEN SHILLINGS WEEKLY is paid for the

best communication received, and one penny a line 0 1 ten words for anything else published, with an allowance for...

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The Purchase Department.

Where to Buy your Supplies, You Can Get It At " W.B." (Duastable).—The Self-aligning doublerow ball bearings you mention can...

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Patents Completed.

T. CROSBR2 AND SONS . , LTD., and D. 31cGRER0R, No. 19,886„ dated 17th September, 1914.—In this sparking plug mica washers are...