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13th October 1944
13th October 1944
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Page 1, 13th October 1944

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The Future of Car Hire

T HE hiring out of cars, either for self-drive or with drivers, can*be considered as coming within our purview as, like the...

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The Importance of Road Transport in Education

S OUND publicity is merely one branch of education, the distribution of thought and fact in the manner that arithmetic and...

Passing Comments How to Repair Syn. ISEFUL advice on the

thetic-rubber Inner ‘-) repair of synthetic-rubber Tubes tubes with injuries of in. or larger is given by the Fisk Rubber Co.,...

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One Hears

That war, if not the actual mother of invention, is at least the foster-mother. That it has, however, been the mother of much...

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News of the Week

AVAILABILITY OF LIGHT COMMERCIAL VEHICLES A CERTAIN number of Commer 8-cwt., and what are known by the M.O.W.T. as Commer...

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I.A.E. President and Homeproduced Fuel T HE president of the Institution of

Automobile Engineers for the session 1944-45, Mr. John Shearman, M.I.Mech.E., gave his presidential address on-Tuesday of last...

Preparing for a Road Passenger Transport Career

T HE winner of the essay dealing with the education and training of young men for a public road-transport career, in the annual...

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Express Carriers Expedite Merger Arrangements

A T a special general meeting of the National Conference of Express Carriers, held on October 3 under the chairmanship of Mr....

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The Ideal Furniture removals Vehicle

W E published, in our issue dated July 28, an article by Mr. Arthur R. Wilson, entitled "The Vehicle Needed by the...

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A Normal to Forward-control Conversion

N OT the least interesting feature connected with the Commer vehicle shown in the accompanying illustration is that not only...

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When Making Inquiric hive All the Facts

I N last week's issue of " The Commercial Motor " I emphasized the importance of inquirers giving me as much information as...

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D URING the war-time era, emphasis has been on maximum production at maximum speed in all branches of industry, with the result...

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Northern Operator's 36 Years in Road Haulage

A CONCERN which can go back to .t1. the year 1908 in road haulage is. indeed, one which is obviously Conversant with the real...

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A Vacuum-servo Brake Exhauster

A Risume of Patent' Specifications That Have Recently Been Published A PUMP for use in connection with a servo-braking system...