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6th April 1985, Page 55
6th April 1985
Page 55
Page 55, 6th April 1985

Pigs Won't Fly With This Budget

THE RAC brings the day of the flying pig no nearer with its recent call for "a fully thoughtout, long-term policy for all fuel taxes." Nigel Lawson, the radical Chancellor of......

No Connection With The Firm Next Door

SHOULD the Lorry Driver of the Year Association put the clock back to an esoteric final in the backwoods or should it aim for the bright lights and popular appeal? The second......

Does Lrt Really Want To Know?

THE HAWK may have been around for a long time, but he can still spot a rat. London Regional Transport has not only failed to convince its enemies in the Greater London Council......

Our Oldest Reader?

IS ARTHUR Metcalfe of Thirsk CM's longest surviving reader? Eighty-two-year-old Arthur rang me up the other day after seeing that our March 16 issue completed 80 years of......

And Whitehall Said It Couldn't Be Done

TEN-YEAR driving licences issued in Northern Ireland now carry portraits of the holders. Half a million plastic cards with embossing and engraving machinery have been supplied......