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2nd July 1992, Page 34
2nd July 1992
Page 34
Page 34, 2nd July 1992

Deliberate Mistake?

• In your article on load restraint straps, my attention was drawn to the photograph on page 29 (CM 11-18 June). The restraint strap, fourth from the left, is attached by a......

Strap Attack

• I would like to comment on your Strap Test 1992 article "Taking the Strain" (CM 11-18 June). Although none of this year's results was as bad as those from the 1989 test, this......

Hands Off

• When will we British learn that the only way to stop the French using force against the legitimate practices of free trade will be to try playing them at their own game? In......

Publicity Please

• It was good to see that despite the bad press that truck driver Vincent Parsons gave the transport industry last week we also had reports of a driver commended for bravery.......

Moaning Minnies

• I am sick and tired of moaning drivers. They cause problems for every transport manager in the country. Drivers who are given 10-drop loads start moaning as soon as they hear......