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28th September 1985, Page 20
28th September 1985
Page 20
Page 20, 28th September 1985

Micro Gearshift Helper

LEYLAND TRUCKS has developed a microprocessor based gear change indicator for its top weight artics. The new device, called Gear Shift Advisor, is designed to ensure optimum......

Low Down Leylani From Lyka

LOW-PROFILE versions c Leyland Freighter and Con structor rigids and Cruise tractive units for local dc livery or municipal work at now available from chassi engineer Lyka of......

Volvo Ends Man' Air Monopoly

MAN is no longer the on. manufacturer to offer air in pension front and rear as option on all of its 4x2 at, 6x2 rigid chassis. Volvo showed an FL7 rigi at the Frankfurt Show......

Multipart's Remanufactured Bedford Engine Options

MULTIPART has extended its exchange engine range with eight factory remanufactured Bedford units. The 330 and 500-Series engines are suitable for use in Bedford TK and TM trucks......

Gardner Extends Exchange Range

GARDNER has extended its range of exchange parts for truck and PSV engines. The current range, which includes cylinder heads and blocks, fuel pumps, governor body assemblies,......