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25th July 1975, Page 35
25th July 1975
Page 35
Page 35, 25th July 1975

Stripped For Action

The recent unusual spate of hot weather produced some odd methods of engine cooling. They ranged from opening radiator filler flaps to the removal of body panels. I am told that......

Sahara Safari

However hot it might have been in Manchester, school teacher Alistair Kenney and his pupils from . Shorefields • Comprehensive School in Liverpool are getting it muck warmer.......

Great Yorkie

Perhaps it's the present economic climate but there seem to be fewer and fewer characters in road haulage these days. So it is perhaps worth telling the tale of one character......

Sent Up

It is difficult not to admire the Americans' technological experdse in both aeronautic and automotive fields, but their researchers sure get up to some funny pranks. This week a......

Ici Un Quiz

What is the most that a non-manual office worker should attempt to lift ? Answer 45kg (1001h), according to A Question of Safety which ha just been compiled by ICI as a......