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18th December 1970, Page 26
18th December 1970
Page 26
Page 26, 18th December 1970

Express Parcels Group

• The express parcels carriers in South Wales, Devon and Cornwall and the West of England who are members of the Road Haulage Association have formed themselves into a......

Move To Annul Levy Fails

• An attempt to seek the annulment of the Industrial Training Levy (Road Transport) Order 1970 by the procedural device of putting down a Parliamentary Prayer has fallen by the......

Shop Steward's Dismissal

• Mr D. D. Boyd, the BRSL shop steward in Glasgow, has been suspended for four weeks following an appeal to the management against the decision to dismiss him (CM December 11).......

New Training Centre For Bradford

• Yorkshire road hauliers were praised for leading the country in the provision of co-operative facilities and services by Mr Eric Tindall, director-general of the Road......

Easier Turns With Long Artics

• Samuel Williams (Transport) Ltd, of Dagenham, recently demonstrated a new type of semi-trailer which will effectively ease the manoeuvring problems encountered with long......