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12th March 1971, Page 47
12th March 1971
Page 47
Page 47, 12th March 1971

I Am Aware That Reducing The Stroke Of A Diesel

and increasing its bore enables the rpm and output to be increased without raising the piston speed; and that the combustive efficiency of a big-bore/short-stroke engine is......

Is It Permitted For A Man To Drive A Lorry

for 31 hours and then act as an office helper for a further 8 hours and 40 minutes on each day of the week? If a man acts as an office helper for 12 hours a day, six days a......

Q After Reading Cm December 25, Page

13 "Changes in regulations", last paragraph "Power to Weight Ratio", I am not clear whether it also applies to vehicles first used before A prill 1972. I have a 1962 tractive......

Q Has A By-pass Lubricating-oil Filter Any

advantage over a full-flow filter? Until recently I had assumed that it was necessary to use a full-flow filter because it filtered all the oil being circulated through the......