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Is it permitted for a man to drive a lorry

12th March 1971, Page 47
12th March 1971
Page 47
Page 47, 12th March 1971 — Is it permitted for a man to drive a lorry
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for 31 hours and then act as an office helper for a further 8 hours and 40 minutes on each day of the week?

If a man acts as an office helper for 12 hours a day, six days a week, can he drive a lorry on the seventh day? If a man works in a dockyard for six days a week can he drive a lorry at weekends?

And suppose a man drives an hgv on private land (ie on a site in the steelworks) for 8 hours, can he then drive an hgv on a public road for a further 41 hours?

AA man, after driving a goods vehicle to

which the regulations apply for 3+ hours, can work in an office, or in fact do any other work for the employer who employs him to drive the goods vehicle, for the rest of the day because by driving less than 4 hours he is exempt from the regulations for that day. If he was to drive for more than 4 hours he would then come within the scope of the regulations and would be exceeding the 11hour maximum on-duty period allowed.

A man can work 12 hours a day in an office for six days a week then drive a lorry on the seventh day for the same employer provided he does not drive it for more than 4 hours. If the seventh day driving totals more than 4 hours it brings the driver within the scope of the hours regulations for that working week and then he would have infringed both the daily maximum on-duty limits and the weekly 24hour rest period.

If the work is done for separate employers and no driving is done for the person who employs the man as an office worker then it is in order for him to drive on the seventh day. This same situation applies in the answer to your first question and also to your third question regarding the man working in the dockyard and driving at weekends.

A driver may not drive a goods vehicle for 44 hours on the road after driving on a site in a steelworks for 8 hours unless the driving which he is doing is in connection with building or civil engineering construction operations on that site. Unless his driving is in this connection, the maximum thatthe man can drive on the road after his 8 hours site driving is 2 hours to make up his 10 hours driving time. Not forgetting that a half-hour break must be taken no later than 5+ hours after commencing duty.

If the driving on the site is in connection with building or civil engineering construction work then this time does not have to be added to the driving time on the road for the purposes of determining the maximum hours which the man may drive. If, of course, the driving on the road exceeds 4 hours in a working day then the general hours regulations apply to that driver for the whole of that working week.


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