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7th November 1907
7th November 1907
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Page 1, 7th November 1907

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Quartering the Road.

Too many drivers of heavy motor vehicles and tractors follow the same tracks day after day. This practice is chiefly harmful...

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Undue Noise.

By Arthur W. Windsor, A.M.I.Aelech.E. In certain recent leading articles which have appeared in " THE Com_ hikRCIAL MOTOR,"...

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Typical Business Motors for Heavy Loads.

The " Hallford," 5-ton, Bus or Lorry Chassis. One of the Gold Medallists in Class E of the recent R.A.C. Trials. _ The...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

L.G.O. Depot Closed. The North Road garage of the London General Omnibus Company has been closed, so far as its connection...

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A Silent Change Gear.—The " Mero " Device.

Ever since the sliding type of gear was introduced by Panhard, motor engineers and users alike have cried out for something...

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News and Comment.

This journal fosters, represents, and chronicles commercial motoring in all its branches ; it has the largest and best...

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The R. AC. Trials.

Complete List of the Awards and Special Prizes in all Classes. Our supporters will read the judges' recommendations with no...

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A Satisfied Steam Wagon User.

Over Four Years' Work with Two Mann Wagons. The first of the two illustrations on this page shows a tip-cart, built by Mann's...

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Another Rover Motorcab Challenge. The Editor, " THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR." Sir :—I beg to send you a copy of a letter we have...

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Wolseley-Siddeley Material,

Looking through the official list of entries for the recent R.A.C. trials, one finds that four out of the original vehicles did...

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The Latest Albion Sample Carrier or Travellers.

A Novel Arrangement of Side Compartments. The two illustrations which accompany these lines show a novel, samplecarrying body...

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The Motor Drivers News.

Slack Bolts. " W.M." (Glasgow) sends the following note :—" I was very interested to read the letter from S.R.' in the issue...

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Patents Completed.

MUD GUARDS.—Morgan.—No 28,764, dated 17th December, 1906.—This invention relates to guards for preventing the splashing...