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5th March 1943
5th March 1943
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Page 1, 5th March 1943

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Mechanized Agriculture Must Grow

Farming in Post-war Years Must Continue to Receive Every Possible Encouragement W HEN the Minister of Agriculture opened, on...

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'Pas . sing Comments

Police Trap LongTHE police have been sue distance Drivers Drivers Who cessful in trapping a number Stole . . . of...

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One Hears

"Keep the home fires burning "—as little as possible. That Tilling buses have already covered about 2,500,000 miles on...

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News of the Week

GOVERNMENT HAULAGE SCHEME ' BEGINS OPERATIONS CA A LIST of 51 road haulage units, which began operations on March 1 in...

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H.M.F. Gets Busy in the West Country

L AST week, Hauliers Mutual FederaLation further extended its prestige and membership in the West Country when meetings were...

Finances of the Government Haulage Scheme Rates of Payment to

Controlled Undertakings Shown By to be Unreinunerative: Hire Charges' are Absurdly Low A T-long last details are available of...

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17 Ratios and Changes Without Break of Drive

L ARGELY for the sake of its high efficiency the type , of gearbox einploying meshing toothed wheels has retained its position...

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An Unorthodox Two-stroke from a Leading, Maker

AANY a good idea has died in. its /Viyouth through lack of support. By the same token impracticable propositions have sometimes...

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America Grapples With Its Tyre Problem

The United States is "Thinking Big" About Synthetic-rubber Production, But Before Useful Supplies are Available a Shortage Gap...

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A Constructive Effort to Bring Unity

Our Outspoken Contributor Takes a Most Favourable View of the Report of the Road Transport Organization Joint Conference By...

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A S was mentioned in a recent article.describing one of the base organizations in which the Royal Electrical and Mechanical...

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Past, Present and Future of the Steam r Vehicle

There is No Reason, Says Our Contributor, Why a Stearn Vehicle Cannot Be Constructed to Comply With Petrol vehicle Taxation...

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The Chassis Designer's Link With Tyre Wear

"L.V.B." Argues the Case Against Blaming the Designer for Undue Tyre Wear, Which, He Opines, is LargelyCaused by Mtsuse on the...

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WHY THE NEW FEDERATION WAS BROUGHT INTO • BEING SHALL be grateful if you•will allow me to reply to ▪ the two criticisms of...

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Injection Pump Without a No-load Governor

• rl A CCORDING to patent No. 549981, the conventional injection pump • suffers from a defect in that its delivery at low...