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31st January 1907
31st January 1907
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Page 1, 31st January 1907

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More Protection for Drivers.

Owners of commercial motors, whether for public-service purposes or the conveyance of goods, are pursuing a shortsighted policy...

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Side-slip and Skid Prevention.

First Notice of the Devices Entered for the A.C.G.B.I. Trials. As announced in our last issue, the drawings of 12 of the 41...

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Petrol-Electric Transmission for Road Vehicles.

Opening of the Discussion on Messrs. Hart and Durtnall's Paper. One hundred members and associates of the Society of Motor...

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The Exclusion of the Horse.

Tramway Managers Prefer the Reliable Motor for Overhead Line Repairs. Self-propelled tower wagons are, rapidly, coming into...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

The project for a service of moLorbusesat Alfreton, Derbyshire, to which we made reference last week, is in the hands of Mr. H....

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The London County Council and Motorbuses.

At the meeting of the L.C.C., on January 2211d, a report of the Highways Committee was brought up with the following...

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News and Comment.

This journal is recognised and supported by Users, Operating Engineers, and the Motor Industry at large. The Prince of Wales...

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At the Liverpool Show.

The eleventh annual Liverpool motor show is now open, at the Tournament Hall, Edge Lane, Liverpool, but we regret that only two...

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War Office Registration Scheme.

Schedule of Terms for Hire or Purchase of Motor Vehicles by the War Department. Classes of Motor Vehicles. 1. lot the...

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The Coming of the Taximeter.

The recommendations of Mr. Norman's Select Committee, reported in the issue of " TIIE COMMERCIAL MOTOR " for August gth, 1906,...

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The " Self-propelling " Road Train.

Is It Permissible under the Motorcar Acts ? By W. Joynson - Hicks, Solicitor to the National Traction Engine Owners' and Users...

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Tires for Motorbuses and Motorvans.

The Development of Motor Traffic Leads to Important Manufacturing Extensions. Peter Union tires are so well known, and...

Useful Charts and Tables. No. 4.

By George Watson, A.M.I.Mech.E. Fuel Consumption. When told, by the driver of a motor vehicle, that the total fuel...

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The Motor Drivers News.

Hints on Lubrication of Steam Wagons. " Yorkshireman " writes :—Replying to the letter of T. I). (Ipswich) I should recommend...

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Patents Completed.

DRIVEN STEERING WHEELS. — Martin and another.—No. 986, dated 13th January, 1906.—The steering wheels are carried on a casing...