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28th December 1905
28th December 1905
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Page 1, 28th December 1905

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The Passing of the Fitter-Driver.

The problem of trained drivers for vans and omnibuses is slowly emerging from the stage of uncertainty. History repeats itself...

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The Motor Omnibus Wor' I.

The next open meeting of members and associ.iteof the Society of Motor Omnibus Engineers will be held at the Hotel Cecil on...

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News and Comment.

Our Circulation (Certified) is Double that of all Similar Journals Combined. A bitter fight between the Birkenhead Corporation...

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Motor-Aided Commercial Travellers.

Motor-driven pleasure vehicles are common enough now to warrant little but a pasing glance from anyone, whilst the rapidly...

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Killarney wants Rubber Tyres and Motors. The Editor, "THR COMMERCIAL MOTOR." Sir :—Your courtesy to me in answering my last ....

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Silencers for Internal Combustion Engines.

The Stinky Perfect silencer, which is illustrated in Fig. 12, is cylindrical, with two worms, one at each end. The spaces...

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Fire Engines and Ambulances in Germany.

A few further details have to be added to the regular articles which have appeared at intervals since March of the present year...

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Patents Completed.

WATER-FEED SUPPLY.— Ogden. — No. 5,142, dated March nth, r905.—The pump supplies water by the conduit (c) and passage (d) to...