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26th March 1943
26th March 1943
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Page 1, 26th March 1943

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Passing Comments

Who is Responsible WE hope that due notice was for Designing Army " taken of a recent remark Fuel Cans by a correspondent on...

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One Hears

That some people waste time in trying to save face. The query: "Is the Government encouraging the production of...

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News of the Week

MORE ON A.R.O. EXTRAORDINARY MEETING A .LETTER from a' London member of A.R.O., which arrived too late for inclusion amongst...

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Revised Subsistence Allowances for Haulage Workers

MHE Road Haulage Central Wages I Board has placed on record its view that the following arrangements with regard to the payment...

Mr. Shearman Peers Into the Post-war Era,

N EE.D for more -differentiation in design as between vehicles used for specified types of work was suggested by Mr. J....

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Tilling Group Carries More than 1,000,000,000 Passengers in 1942

I N our issue for last week we published a brief paragraph giving certain aggregate traffic statistics for 1942 in respect of...

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World's Biggest Bus Serves Military Camp

Unique Features of a Big capacity Vehicle Built to Suit American Military Needs WHAT is said to be the largest bus VT in the...

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. : obout

tHruu By Johti Woolley Maybe They . Don't Exist, But Pranks with Tanks Leave One Bewildered by Mischievous Happenings that...

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Yorkshire . Hauliers Talk OverGovernment Scheme THE E Federation of Yorkshire Road

Employers held a meeting in Leeds, last week, of member concerns invited to become controlled undertakings under the...

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D URING the war years 1914 IS, many of 1.1s worked from time to time with the Canadian Forces in France. The writer's most...

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OPINIONS and QUERIES The Editor invites correspondence on all subjects

connected with the use of commercial motors. Letters should be written on both sides of the paper. The right of abbreviation is...

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Using Alternative Gases and Electricity for Welding

VOUR journal dated December 25, 1942, under the 1 heading of "Propane and Coal Gas in Welding and Metal Cutting," contained...

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New Heavy-duty Universal Joint

A Hardy-Spicer Design Giving Wide Angularity and Constant Velocity and Using Sliding Blocks and Needle Rollers erNVO...

Preserving Traders' Transport Freedom

A T tlif annual luncheon of the Mansion House Association on Transport, held at the Connaught Rooms on March 17, the president,...

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Swash-plate Control of Epicyclic Gear Gives Infinite Variability

A N interestin g combination of two well-known principles is shown in patent No. 550,522 detailin g an • infinitely variable g...