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21st September 1945
21st September 1945
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Page 1, 21st September 1945

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Petroleum and its Prospects

M ANY apparently wild statements and claims ate being made concerning the employment of atomic energy for various 'purposes,...

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Passing Comments

What is the Real IN a letter to "The Road Strength of the I Way," the official journal of R.H.A. the Road Haulage Association,...

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One Hears—

That rubber prospects are bouncing up. That Cook's have restarted their London sightseeing tours by coach. That, even in...

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News of the Week

RATES REDUCED CERTAIN deductions are being made from all charges raised under the Schedules RH/WD/20 and RW/WD/9, . with...

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Associations' New Inquiry Proposal

DEPRESENTATIVES of six inde pendent road transport associations covering goods haulage, pay., and ancillary users, met in...

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Engineering Will Lead Recovery S PEAKING at Birmingham last week on

" Factories, Finance and Freedom," Viscount Davidson, president of the Engineering Industries, declared that we have nothing...

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Fords in Flow Production

Considerable Progress in the Change-over to Peace Production as War Contracts are Cancelled A N enormous task is entailed in...

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New Battery Scheme "for Electric Vehicles

W E are informed by Victor Electrics, Ltd., that it has developed-a type of battery-electric vehicle which dispenses withthe...

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Church Army Canteen for India Electric Fans and Insulated Body

Incorporated in Interesting Vehicle for Service Overseas rtUITE one of the most interesting of the number of Church Army...

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Nationalization 0 Claims Exploded

A Situation the Gravity of Which Should be Realized by the Whole Community I - . AST week we proinised to deal more fully with...

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HAULIER 0 Who Should Carr

EPECI ALIST September 21, 1945 t Vehicle Repairs. By W. Roper Lin I.S.A.E., M.I.R.T.E. A Careful Analysis of a Much...

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Jowett War-material Production Impressive Record of Northern Corrunercictl in Great

Variety vehicle Maker T HE maker of Jowett vans,. Jowett Cars, Ltd., 'Idle,Bradford, Yorks. has produced an attractive booklet...

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Solving the Problems Of the Carrier

Working Out Agricultural Haulage Costs Establishment Costs not Particularly Low; Running Costs High; Total Costs Likely to he...

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A Driver's Views on By A. J. Parris

Transport Problems A Plea for ,Co-op2ration Between All Engaged in Road Transport and More Freedom for Drivers TgiiiISSE...

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A New. Hydro-mechanical Transmission

A N in fi nitely variable gear, claimed to give a torque increase with a decreasing ratio,. forms the subject . of patent No....