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9th September 1932, Page 40
9th September 1932
Page 40
Page 40, 9th September 1932

Oil Engines On The Continent

rIONFIDENTIAL information has been given -/to us concerning the development of the compression-ignition engine on the Continent. Political disturbances in Germany have given the......

Will Horsed Transport Return To Favour ?

rrHE sections of the community which are likely to give the heartiest thanks to the Road and Rail Conference, if its recommendations 'be brought into practice, are those......

Railway Influence .on The Police.

N OT content with harassing road transport by propaganda and recommendations for its restriction, the railways are adopting the policy of stimulating the police into activity......

Passing Comments

S PEAKING at a recent luncheon, Sir Herbert Austin, K.B.E., in referring to the Road-Rail Conference Report, said that the findings are so perplexing and the recommendations so......

Special Features Of This Issue

A well-equipped Thurgood caravan body has been fitted to a Dennis Lancet chassis. Page 129. Utilizing a Gardner oil engine, an attractive Guy pantech nicon has just been......