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9th July 1976, Page 42
9th July 1976
Page 42
Page 42, 9th July 1976

Learning The (hgv) Lesson The Hard Way

ON MERSEYSIDE there are independent driver training schools which appear to be giving a poor bargain to would-be professional haulage drivers. In one case, a man parted with......

Q Could You Say How Many ° Standing Passengers May Be

carried on a public service vehicle ? Does the vehicle capacity, including standing passengers, have to be marked on the vehicle ? A The Public Service Vehicles and Trolley......

Q My Fitter Is Able To Claim As Of Right An

hgv Class 3 licence restricted to 10 tonnes. If he obtains this licence will he be able to drive an artic tractive unit which might be plated over 10 tonnes gross (when matched......

Recently, I Had To Dismiss One Of My Drivers And

he has threatened to take his case to the Industrial Tribunal. If his case is upheld, will I be compelled to reinstate him ? You cannot be compelled to reinstate your driver but......