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5th July 1974, Page 97
5th July 1974
Page 97
Page 97, 5th July 1974

Rough Ground No Worry To This Wheel Weigher

On-site weighing of contractors' plant on unprepared ground and without external power supplies' can he carried out with 40-ton-capacity wheel-weighers from Hawker Sidcleley......

Oc 2002 Saves Aluminium

Aimed at the increasing use of aluminium radiators in vehicles, a new corrosion inhibitor from Bayer is claimed to prevent all corrosion. Now being offered for sale as "Trial......

Wide-angle Back-u

Reversing a van is made easier with a flexible wide-angle lens from Burdens. It is simply wetted and pressed on to a rear window — preferably on the nearside. Called the......

Holing Floors

Sealing concrete floors to dust-proof them and increase their abrasion resistance can be done with Quentglaze primer and sealer. Both materials are transparent and can be......

All Behind

Heavy-duty commercial mirror heads with flat or convex lenses are now available from Intertruck in 17.8cm by 12.7cm (7 in by 5in) or 25.4 cm by 15.2 cm (10 in by 6 in) sizes.......