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22nd August 1996, Page 19
22nd August 1996
Page 19
Page 19, 22nd August 1996

Lords Of The Dance

a he Hawk's closest encoun[er with tapdancing was drumming my fingers on the armrest during Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies,at the local fleapit. However, a resurgent......

Alien Loot

5 he discovery of life on Mars, albeit in microscopic form, three billion years ago, has made Steve Upton, a London furniture van driver, £1,000 better off. He placed a £10 bet......

Postcards From The Seaside (one) Id S A Fellow Owner. It

always gladdens the Hawk's heart to see a Reliant Robin in the spotlight where this trusty little vehicle belongs. And where better than sunny Brighton at the height of such a......

Postcards From The Seaside (two)

a he discovery of two 1915 London County buses has brought to a halt work on clearing the site of a demolished bungalow at Goring-by-Sea, West Sussex. The vehicles were used to......

Abreast Of The Competition

ost motorists groan inwardly at the sight of a squeegee merchant with a bucket of filthy water at the next set of lights. Many would side with Jack Straw, who believes they......