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16th March 1985, Page 26
16th March 1985
Page 26
Page 26, 16th March 1985

Coal Strategy And The Rha

IF Janus ever gets tired of looking in both directions at once, I reckon he could, without difficulty, find employment as a very special kind of industrialist — one who is adept......

Slow Down — And Give Us A Chance

AS A READER of Commercial Motor for a long time, and also an hgv driver I felt I would like to write this letter in the hope it might be printed. There is one thing as a driver,......

The Killer In The Cab

I REFER to the article The killer in the cab (CM March 2) regarding the fatal accidents to drivers sleeping in their cabs caused by gas heaters. Is there some confusion between......

Putting The Record Straight

I READ Mr Christopher Evans' letter (CM March 2) with some amusement, as well as surprise that such a reputable magazine should print what was obviously a well concocted piece......