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Slow down — and give us a chance

16th March 1985, Page 26
16th March 1985
Page 26
Page 26, 16th March 1985 — Slow down — and give us a chance
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AS A READER of Commercial Motor for a long time, and also an hgv driver I felt I would like to write this letter in the hope it might be printed.

There is one thing as a driver, having been on long distance I can't understand. With all the reports of accidents in fog, only today I lost count of the cars and lorries that did not have lights on. Also, the amount of lorries that seemed to be driving so fast that they have no respect for their lives or anybody else's.

I realise the time factor we all have to keep to but Government has not yet realised by having an eighthour driving day for artics, etcetera, it is not only making drivers speed and take chances but also lose them the respect that they once had as being careful.

So why is there a few lorry drivers who are so keen to meet their Maker and speed in fog! It is sheer madness. Can anybody explain what makes them risk life and limb and put other peoples' lives on the line?

There once used to be a code of flashing when overtaking, but alas this seems to be lacking in some drivers.

M. J. BROWN Lakenheath Suffolk


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