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16th March 1979, Page 7
16th March 1979
Page 7
Page 7, 16th March 1979

Io Confidence' 1 Lorry Drivers

X DRIVERS in the hire and reward have "destroyed the confidence of • try," a Sainsbury's director said last And he warned that UK manufac; would have to reconsider their Ion......

Lopping :rvice Two

EFFECTS of dividing a -town bus route into two routes are described in a t just published by the ;port and Road Research ratory. e report describes a 1975 revision by Maidstone......

Tdg Profits Up

THE TRANSPORT Development Group's pre-tax profits for the year ended December 31, 1978, were £2.76m higher than in 1977. The figure rose from £17.92m to £19.785m in 1978, an......

Sydney Booming

THOMAS Nationwide Transport of Sydney has recorded record half-year net profit figures. The half-year figure to December 31, 1978, was £6.33m ($A11.53m) compared with £3.57m......

Westm Nster Haul

ALL THAT was missing was the gentle twittering of birds in the background. There were deer and badgers, trees and tadpoles, rippling waters and cricket. . it was a delightful......