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14th September 1985, Page 13
14th September 1985
Page 13
Page 13, 14th September 1985

Passport To Chaos

y our Brussels orrespondent HE EEC's new Euro passDrt is causing problems for ternational lorry drivers at onticrs where officials will 3t recognise it — and refuse Le owner......

Lailway Beats Road For Daf

t.F TRUCKS has fiirsaken Id in favour of rail for the livery of vehicles to its Dttish and Northern Ireland tiers. It has contracted MAT ans Auto to move cornted lorries by......

Dundee Ferries Generates New Business

DUNDEE FERRIES has commissioned its second rollon/roll-off vessel on the Rotterdam-Dundee run and has taken an option on a third, because of promising results to date. The......

Uplift In Traffic Through Uk's Busiest Port

TRAFFIC through Dover has increased 10 per cent in the first seven months of this year, says the Dover Harbour Board. Compared with January to July 1984, there was a 9.9 per......

Rha Centres

itself in Darlington THE ROAD Haulage Association's North-Eastern district office has moved from Leeds to Darlington, nearer the geographical centre of the district. The new......