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13th May 1960, Page 37
13th May 1960
Page 37
Page 37, 13th May 1960

Improved N. Wales Parcels Service Sought

T O improve their parcels services in North Wales, B.R.S. (Parcels), Ltd., continued their application (The Commercial Motor, April 1) to the North Western Licensing Authority,......

More Transport For More Steel

A N application by G. Read (Transin. port), Ltd., Mitcheldean, Glos, to Mr. S. W. Nelson, Western Licensing Authority, at Bristol on Monday, for six additional vehicles to carry......

Accident Helper Given Damages

A TELEVISION engineer, William Innard Beveridge, 17 Glebe Street, Dundee, who sued British Road Services for £2,000, has been awarded £300 damages in Dundee Sheriff Court. His......

30 " Technical" Offences Admitted—cost E101

A DMITTING 30 infringements of 1-3 . licensing regulations at Mitcham, last week, D. Seale, Ltd., Gladstone Road, Mitcham, were fined a total of £101. It was stated that lorries......

Family Trips On 49 Routes

A NETWORK of 49 routes has been r" .1 built up by London Transport to attract families to 13 beauty spots in the Home Counties for Sunday and Bank Holiday tours. Most picking-up......