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11th May 1973, Page 155
11th May 1973
Page 155
Page 155, 11th May 1973

Anti-seize Lubricant

A heavy-duty anti-seize lubricant, formulated to stop . metal parts from jamming under extreme temperatures and to prevent corrosion resulting from salt or other chemicals in......

Plan-holder Trolleys

Normidaire has re-designed its range of mobile trolleys and stands to accommodate the new metric ' , A" size paper. The trolleys are available in two capacities that cater for......

Grease-nipple Kit

A boxed assortment of grease nipples has been added to the range of replacement part kits produced by Stenor. The kit augments the existing range of boxes of self-locking nuts,......

Extractor Fan

The LTFL100 fan from Ventilation Jones is intended to extract petrol and diesel exhaust fumes and grinding dust, etc, from all types of garage. The fan casing is manufactured......

Fastener Catalogu

Precision Screw & ManufE turing have issued a 40-pa catalogue giving informati about their full range of capti fasteners for thin sheet metal. It includes: serrated and' rivet......