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8th June 1905
8th June 1905
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Page 1, 8th June 1905

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The Van Trials.

In another part of this number we publish the regulations for the light delivery van trials which were issued by the Automobile...

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News of the Week.

The regulations for the Automobile Club's commercial motor trials are published this week. If these trials are to benefit the...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

The two Thornycroft buses running at Cambridge are giving satisfaction La the local company. Westbury, a suburb of Bristol, is...

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Light Delivery Van Trials, 1905.

Provisional Regulations for the September Trials, to be held by the A.C.G.B.I., which demand wide publicity. r. Under the...

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Mechanical Haulage for Millers.

Users who have been "through the mill" give their experiences and results. Lieut.-Col. Mark Mayhew, of Bolingbroke House,...

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The James and Browne 5-ton Wagon.

We have pleasure in describing and illustrating a type of petrol wagon entirely new to the English market. Thanks to the...

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The Llangollen Omnibus Service.

The Vale of Llangollen Engineering Bus and Garage Company, Limited, began the service between Llangollen (Victoria Squate) and...

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Men Worth Knowing.

Professor John Scott. Mr. W. Rees Jeffreys. The pioneer of motor farming, the son of a farmer, and himself engaged in farming...

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Motor Ambulance for the Metropolitan Asylums Board. The Editor, "DIE COMMERCIAL MOTOR." Sir,—With reference to the failure of...

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A New Steam Wagon.

One of several new steam wagons of interest is designed and manufactured by Carter's Steam Wagon Company, 13ridgefield Street,...

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Abridgments of Interesting Patent Specifications.

No 9,994, dated May 2nd, 1904.—II. S. Hele Shaw, of Liverpool.—This invention relates to dynamometers, brakes, and clutches. In...