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7th May 1914
7th May 1914
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Page 1, 7th May 1914

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Boosting the Battery Vehicle.

The writer decided, a few weeks ago, hy reason of unexpected expressions of opinion that his membership of the Electric Vehicle...

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One Hears— Watt, watt."

That this page frequently sets people thinking. That rural postmen are waiting for their parcelears. That most men in the...

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Home Production of Motor Spirit.

Progres with Synthol and Kentol. The following short article is taken from last week's issue of "The Motor." We were unable to...

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Annealing as Applied to Steel Castings.

It is well known that there is no steel-casting process which can altogether dispense - a ith the work of annealing. The reason...

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AND PARCELCARS It is particularly appropriate that the next article, in our Light Van and Parcelear series, should deal with...

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The Mono-track 3-tonner.

A Representative of Our Sister Journal "The Motor" Makes a Trial Run on the New Gyroscopic Chassis. Mr. Pierre Schilowsky, a...

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Reports to hand since we went to press with our last issue indicate that the current W.O. subsidy tests are going quite...

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In Public Service.

Mr. J. Barrington, 39, Nevi11 Street, Southport, is extending his list of char-it-banes tours. The Carnborne Chamber of...

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News and Comment.

This journal is extensively read by the heads of many wealthy commercial houses. The Budget. A late paragraph about the...

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Out and Home.

By " The Extractor." That pioneer of motoring, Mr. Fredk. It. Simms, has just returned from a successful business trip to the...

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News from Central Europe.

Austria and Saxony Establish Many State Motor Lines. Petrol Used for Engines driving Lighting Dynamos Does Not Qualify for...

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7 What Users Tell Us Interview 28

A Birmingham User says: "We Won't Go Back to Horses." In a recent interview for this series we were enabled to give our...

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Opinions from Others.

The Design of Steam Tractors. The Editor THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR. [1337] Sir,—This subject and its treatment are becoming rather...

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Answers to Queries.

London Motorbus Distribution. [2373] (Lancashire),—(l) The number of motorbuses licensed to ply for hire in London at the...

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The Purchase Department.

Where to Buy your Supplies. You Can Get It At " K. M." (Coventry).—The " Auto " oxy-acetylene welding plant is marketed by J....

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Nom Drivers &Mechanics TEN SHILLINGS WEEKLY is paid for the

best communication received, and one penny a line of ten words for anything else published, with an allowance for photographs....

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Patents Completed.

Duplex Carburation. Leaner Improvements. An Inverted Engine. Soc. J. CIROUVELLE, H. ARQUEMBOURG ET CIE, No. 18,081 of 1913,...