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30th November 1945
30th November 1945
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Page 1, 30th November 1945

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American Progress in Road Transport

T HE manufacturing side of our industry cannot afford to ignore what the commercial vehicle makers in other countries are...

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Powerful Resistance to Nationalization

T HE nationalization proposals concerning road haulage, put forward by Mr. Herbert Morrison. are arousing strong indignation...

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Passing Comments

Haulers Do Not r'ONSIDER1NG the present Want to Carry the ‘-'shortage of all means for Earth . . . . . transport, it is...

One Hears—

Of busy times ahead for wreckers or breakersgm of worn-out C Vs That there will be thousands of decrepit military motors to...

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News of the Week

COMMERCIAL MOTOR SHOW IMPROBABLE A DECISION has been taken by the tiL .S.M.M.T. that the circumstances in the commercial road...

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Personal Pars

COUNCILLOR J. A. Swim has been elected chairman of the transport committee of Sunderland Corporation. ALIN RICHARD BROADLEY...

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Syntheticand Natural-rubber Tyres Discussed DOINTS concerning the use of syn

thetic tyres on goods vehicles and buses were mentioned during a discussion, with films, on tyre topics, at the November...

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First British Amphibian War Machine

A T the time that we dealt with the war-production effort of John I. Thornycroft and Co., Ltd., Basingstoke, we were obliged,...

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Labour M.P. Steals Thunder al Ca:. Conservative M.P. Advised "Let ti Interesting Points From the Many Meeting: Know" :...

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Growth of a Famous Transport Concern

P rO-DAY the directors of I. W. Holdsworth, Ltd., are holding a 75th anniversary ball and celebration. at the Victoria Hotel,...

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R.H.A. Proposals for a

National Rates Schedule Interim Report of Rates and Charges Committee Reviewed; An Excellent Piece of Work : Sound in...

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A FATEFUL DECISION AND ITS IMPLICATIONS A LL licensed hauliers must be deeply grateful to you for your criticism of the...

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Aircraft Practice in New American Coach

O NE of tbe latest passenger vehicles produced by the General American Transport Corporation is a 36-seater coach, the...

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Don't Let It Boil! By W. Roper Lindsay, M.S.A.E., M.1.R.T.E.

How to Combat the Effects of Scale and Corrosion in the Cooling System, With a Few Words of Warning Regarding Anti-freeze...

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New York's Mobile Emergency Service

WITH the latest type of streamlined W mobile equipment, the Emergency Service Division of the New York City Police Department,...

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An Oil Seal for Running Shafts

A SEALING device for axles and the like is shown in patent No. 571,789, by J. Hillman, Castle Works, Trindle Road, Dudley. The...