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2nd May 1907
2nd May 1907
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Page 1, 2nd May 1907

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A 1,000-mile Demonstration Trial for Commercial Motors.

One may well use the exclamatory words " at last " in regard to the regulations for the Royal Automobile Club's trials....

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The R.A.C. Commercial Motor Trials.

(To be held under the Open Competition Rules of the R.A.C.) Supplementary Regulations. The following regulations have been...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

Paris Municipal Councillors in London. As was exclusively announced in last week's issue of " THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR," some...

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News and Comment.

This Journal has the largest and most valuable circulation amongst users and prospective users: the regular circulation now...

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Mr. Davison Dalziel, at the statutory meeting of the United

Motorcab Company, Limited, on Monday last, stated that the average earnings of the red Renault cabs belonging to the sister...

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Mechanical Tractor or Horses ?

Of the many satisfactory reports from users of Aveling and Porter tractors, few will be able to excel the excellent results...

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The Pirating of Patent Mechanisms. The Editor," THE COMMERCIAI McToR." Sir :—I have read with much interest your practical...

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Answers to Queries.

Our readers will be informed by the Editor on any points connected with the consirFtction or use of commercial motors. Where a...

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Alcohol-Acetylene Gas tor Motor Vehicles.

In our issue of the 38th ultimo, page 384, we referred to some very interesting experiments which had been made in the United...

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The Road Conference at Olympia.

Abstracts from the Papers (continued). A STATE ROAD DEPARTMENT. The Need Tor and the Services that may be Rendered by it. By...

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Patents Completed.

CHANGE-SPEED DEVICE.—Badois. No. 17,847, 1906, dated (under Convert. tion), 23rd December, 1905.—This is an automatic...