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25th July 1912
25th July 1912
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Page 1, 25th July 1912

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The Menace of Trailer Tramcars.

We are opposed to the idea of trailer tramcars in London, and we have written upon the sub j ect on several occasions. We may...

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One Hears

That Commer Cars are now advertised on L.G.O. buses. That " agrimotor " lubricants from Silvertown will soon be on the...

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Modern Motor Ambulances.

As is the case with so many other branches of municipal service, the motor ambulance is steadily ousting its horse-drawn...


The two photographs reproduced below illustrate a motor ambulance which has been supplied by Phoenix Motors, Ltd., to John...

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Goods Transport.

The Surveyor of the Wednesfield Urban District Council will be glad to hear of makers of five-ton lorries with regard to the...

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The History and Development of the Turbine Pump.

A Precis of an Interesting and Informative Paper which was read before the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and which has...

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A New 12-cwt. Milnes-Daimler Van.

We were recently requested by Milnes-Daimler-Mercedes, Ltd., to take a trial run on a new light model which this company is...

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The Industry in Central Europe.

No Room in Japan for German Agrimotors. Berlin Now Has Fifty Motordriven Fire.-fighting Units. Adler Buses and a Stoewer...

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News and Comment.

This iournal is extensively read by the heads of many wealthy commercial houses. A new 12-cwt. Milnes-Daimler chassis is...

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On and Off the Road to Chubut.

The photographs which we are enabled to reproduce herewith have been specially taken for us by one of our correspondents in...

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Doings in India and Burma.

Progress of Road Train. The Prospects in Burma. From Our Calcutta Correspondent. Renard Road Trains. When I come to think of...

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Out and Home.—By " The Extractor."

Char-a-basics Progress. The Cat's Nine Lives. Ninepence for Fourpence. • No development is more apparent in the provinces than...

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Passenger-Vehicle Topics.

Welsh Services. We hear that the char-à-bancs service inaugurated by Southworth's Motors, Ltd., from Rhyl and other seaside...

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Opinions from Others.

The Editor invites correspondence on all subjects connected with the use of commerzial motors. Letters should be on one side...

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Answers to Queries.

Our readers will be informed by the Editor on any points connected with the construction or use of commercial motors. Where a...

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Culled from Contemporaries.

To a Large Extent about the People who Insist upon getting Run Over The Socialist as a Protectionist. Londonere, awake; the...

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0 From Drivers and Mechanics.

TEN SHILLINGS WEEKLY is paid for the best communication received, and one penny a line of ten words for anything else...

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Patents Completed.

A Sectional Spring Wheel. G. P. Milnes, No. 14,250, dated 15th June, 1911. — This specification describes a resilient wheel...